Exhaust Dehumidifiers Don’t Actually Dehumidify

Don’t fall for suggestions that an “exhaust-only dehumidifier” is what you need.


Great Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Don’t think that if you just choose the right bird seed you will win over flocks of backyard birds. Try these other tricks to entice them.


The Lazy Lawn Guide: Less Care, Better Results

When it comes to mowing, watering and fertilizing, skipping some steps often helps the lawn—and you.

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5 Big Indoor Lighting Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

One common lighting mistake is not having any shimmering lights. They make people feel good. Others include too much overhead light, not enough shadow.


How to Plant a Fruit Tree This Year!

Plant an apple or pear fruit tree for a harvest of delicious fruit


Mold-Proof Your Home: Use This Checklist

Mold can turn up in nooks and crannies of our homes where we’d never think to look. Following the strategies…

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Annoying Home Problems You Can Fix Yourself

You don’t have to live with annoying home problems ranging from holes in screens and rusted dishwasher racks to squeaky floors and stuck drawers.

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Give a Gift…Get a Gift

Loving the “gift economy.” Spreads joy to others while cleaning out all that “stuff” that is too good to pitch and too small to sell.


How to Bring Plants Inside for the Winter

Many plants—gladioli, dahlias, geraniums—can make it through the winter if you know how to move them inside properly.

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Stop Flushing Away Money on Unnecessary Plumbing Bills

How to decide which plumbing problems are DIY, which are not, and how to avoid future problems.

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Nine Nifty Tools Worth Adding to Your Toolbox

These tools tackle fix-it challenges including working in tight spaces, unclogging drains, seeing in dark spaces and interpreting car warning lights.

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Home Warranties Are Horrible Deals

Here’s why home warranties may not give you what you expect.

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6 Home-Improvement Projects That Virtually Pay for Themselves

Six home-improvement projects that return 70% to 100% of the cost, and four that return barely more than half their price.


Five Cleaning Tools That Make Housekeeping Easier

These five effective, affordable products can make your home cleaner and your cleaning easier.


Moving a Household Can Be a Disaster—How to Avoid Big Blunders

A lot can go wrong when you pack up everything you own and move it to a new home. Here are common mistakes and how to avoid them.