Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Tension in Your Body? Release It Immediately!

You don't ignore food stuck in your teeth. Why keep ignoring tension and pain in your back, hips, neck, knees? Here’s help for 95% of what ails you.


8 Super-Fun Games for Your Next Family Get-Together

Fun games for all ages from silly to truly competitive


Daydreaming Is Productive

Spur creativity and solve problems by knowing the right way to daydream.


The Best Holiday Gifts to Give or Get

Christmas and holiday gift ideas for everyone from the sports fan to the picky teen

Common Threads

Preparing for the Winter

Winter is the perfect time to bring freshness to your life. A few simple projects can breathe new life into a home that has become stifled over time.

Eat Like Margie

My New Favorites: Breakfast Quinoa & Maple-Mexican Hot Chocolate

The perfect way to start your day. Delicious, satisfying, healthy…and no gluten, dairy or cane sugar.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Dealing with Unspeakable Tragedy

When a patient’s wife died tragically on their honeymoon, this naturopath’s skills and empathy were tested beyond anything he had been prepared for.

The Money Connoisseur

A Coin Insider’s Ultimate Secret Tool

If you’re buying or selling coins, information is your friend. Here’s how to find the wholesale value of all your vintage coins.


Beyond All-Purpose Flour: Get More Nutrition with Oat, Almond and Other Flours

If your go-to baking ingredient is all-purpose wheat flour, try these healthier (and tasty!) alternatives—flours made with rye, nuts, oats and more…

Common Threads

Think Free Is Free? Think Again

The social impact of people waiting for handouts vs. working for rewards can be devastating if it spreads broadly across the country.

Exercise & Fitness

Exercise as a Couple and Double Your Results

Fun ways that couples can support each other’s fitness goals. Togetherness creates more enjoyment and makes it easier to stick with.


Amazing Holiday Pies

Dutch apple crumble, pear-cranberry lattice pie, sweet potato pie with mini marshmallows or pumpkin cheesecake pie—bake them all!


6 Habits That Push Your Friends Away

If you feel distance growing between yourself and friends, make sure you’re not inadvertently alienating them—and learn a better approach.

Exercise & Fitness

3 Fun Exercises for Two

Three great exercises to keep you and your partner fit. The sandbell plant toss…stability ball squat walk and side shuffle with medicine ball toss.


“Only One Room Left” Hotel Warnings Are a Trick

Don’t let warnings that hotel rooms are selling out prevent you from searching for a better deal from travel websites. Here’s how.