Common Threads

How Do You Take the Hill?

When you face a challenge, do you it slow...or quit? Fascinating lessons learned from watching a group of marathoners.

Aging for Beginners

Start Now to Be Who You Want to Be

The new world of longevity starts with one decision—who do you want to be in the later stages of life?

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Make Exercise a Habit

We can't brush our teeth only on Sundays and expect to keep them healthy, right? You must exercise in the same no­-option way. Here's how…

The Money Connoisseur

The Excitement of a New Year in Coin Collecting

A fresh, new start spurs golden optimism for a profitable future.


How to Approach Life’s Major Crossroads – with Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak joins Sarah Hiner to discuss how to conquer the crossroads in life rather than being left emotionally and physically stuck.

Common Threads

Sing Loud…Sing Proud

it’s easy to criticize those who put themselves out there. It’s hard to be the one that poses the ideas…and tries to lead

Alcoholic Drinks

The Best-Selling Sparkling Wines in the US

Prosecco is an incredibly popular, inexpensive, very tasty sparkling wine. Here, wine guru Jeff Siegel’s top picks plus tasty cocktail recipes.

Common Threads

The Most Important Question You Can Ask: “Why?”

There is one question...that can protect your health and your money— why?

Aging for Beginners

The Downsizing Chronicles: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Downsizing guru Marie Kondo has got it wrong. For folks of a certain age, the "joy-ploy" doesn't always work.


The Features That Really Matter When Choosing the Best New TV

TV makers try to dazzle you with lots of new features and formats, but here’s what really matters when choosing a new TV.


Holiday Cookies with International Flair

Serve (or gift) these unique takes on traditional Christmas cookies from around the world—gingerbread, chocolate, peppermint, candied fruit and more.


Make Sure That Used Car You Want to Buy Is Safe to Drive

Buyers beware: how to find out about unseen recalls on the used car that’s for sale


Help Children Fall in Love with Reading

Instilling a love of reading in a child starts with hearing your voice and picking the right book. Here’s how to make any book come alive.


Quiet Your Inner Critic

That negative voice inside your head could be standing in the way of your success.

Common Threads

Watch Out for the Curveball: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

On those days when nothing goes as planned, you can be powerful...or you can puddle. How to power through it.