Common Threads

A Solution To The Family Crisis – Create Your Own

Children and adults can overcome family problems by creating a new family with supportive and loving people. Find your surrogate parents and siblings. They’re there.


These Vacuums Leave Rivals in the Dust

Depending on how much you want to spend and what your cleaning needs are, here are the best vacuums to buy now.

Skin & Nails

DIY Solutions for Under-Eye Dark Circles and Bags

If you long to have smooth skin around your eyes—no puffiness or hollows, no dark circles, no lines or wrinkles—here are some less-obvious causes and do-it-yourself solutions.


Cremation Has Become Popular—Here’s What You Need to Know

Understanding the process and the costs of cremation can save you money.


The 7 Tools To Help You Through Life’s Transitions

Rather than wait for things to “get back to normal,” we must improve our ability to manage life’s transitions.


Release Your Inner Artist: How to Get Started with Art

Learning art is like learning a foreign language—it takes time to truly communicate your thoughts. Enjoy the process! How to get started with drawing, watercolor and collage.


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Anger Sarah Hiner Talks to Ryan Martin, PhD

People are angry. Anger is helpful, but you must use it properly, Ryan Martin, PhD, joins Sarah Hiner to talk about using anger to your advantage.


Restorative Yoga Is the New Power Yoga

Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to a busy life. Here, three poses to realign your body, calm down and experience a deep sense of well-being.


How to Learn (or Re-Learn) to Sew

Best sewing machines for beginners…where to buy supplies…resources for online tutorials and more.

Car Maintenance

How To Care For a Rarely Driven Car

Maintenance issues arise when a car sits unused or barely used for weeks or months at a time. Here’s how to keep yours from conking out.


Sorting Through Inherited Clutter

Sorting out “stuff” left behind by a deceased parent can be a massive task. If the heirs aren't careful, valuable or meaningful items can be accidentally discarded or sold for ...

Common Threads

When Your Life Changes Forever

Choosing to sell a business or leave a company after many years is fraught with emotion and challenges. Done right, it can be beautiful.

Common Threads

How Protecting Our Self Esteem Is Making Us Angry

While well-meaning parents are protecting the self-esteem of young people, they are crippling them emotionally and increasing their level of anger.


Overcome the Fear That Holds You Back—Sarah Hiner Talks to Ray Higdon

Don’t let fear hold you back. Ray Higdon joins Sarah Hiner to share how he turned a hard-knock life into an amazing success story…and you can, too!

Fruits & Vegetables

Organic Apples Are Better for Gut Health

Apples are a healthy fruit, especially when eaten raw. For the health of your gut microbiome, organically grown apples are best, new research finds.