No-Fail Bread in Minutes

The “Bread in 5” technique involves just a few minutes of active prep work to create a large batch of dough, ready to go when you’re ready to bake.

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To Learn…Really Be With Them

Lessons in politics from My Octopus Teacher: Miracles happen when you close your mouth and open your eyes.

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions —Sarah Hiner talks to Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

Tired of not keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Celebrity trainer Joel Harper joins Sarah Hiner to share his method for uncovering the hidden traps.

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The Courage to Say “I Made a Mistake.”

It takes courage to admit to a mistake…especially when it’s a public one. The price of pridefully staying the course is even greater.


What the Change in Airline Change Fees Means

): Airline change fees have not been eliminated for all tickets and flights, and there are subtle but important differences among the policies.


Where to Find Feel-Good Content on YouTube and Facebook

If you'd like to escape the negativity and bickering on TV and social media, these YouTube channels and Facebook groups will put a smile on your face.


Dating in a Socially Distanced World

Singles can still have a social life in this year of social distancing, but they will have to adjust to the new dating patterns.


Are You Too Superstitious?

Build confidence in yourself and become the agent of your own outcomes.


Healthy Snacks You’ll Love

Try these five easy-to-make, nutrition-packed snacks, created by well-known nutrition bloggers…

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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane with Me

How your first kiss can help you feel better in times of angst and strife.

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Even Nomads Need a Home

Without clan and connection, we are lost—vulnerable, defensive and in survival mode. The importance of home for emotional health.

Home Improvements

9 Low-Cost Ways to Fight Back Against the High Cost of Heating Your Home

Here are nine often-overlooked heating-bill-lowering projects that don't come with big bills themselves.


Four Hidden Marriage Killers

Some relationships are undone by events so small or distant that one partner truly is befuddled why the other considers it a big deal.


The Best Bed Sheets for All Types of Sleepers

Whether you sleep hot or cold, hate wrinkles or need bedding that doesn’t hold pet fur, here are the best bed sheets for all types of sleepers.


Best Video Games to Play with Friends and Family from Afar

There’s something for everyone—elaborate puzzles, rich fantasy worlds, creative expressions, driving and flying simulations, races and more. Game On!