Soul Perspective

How to Find Solid Footing When Life Seems So Unsteady

Our lives are like amusement park rides, up and down, up and down. Surprise movements often leave us feeling vulnerable. How to get through.

Common Threads

What Your Aches and Pains Are Telling You

If you have chronic pain or recurring illness, it may not be that your body is broken. You may need to look deeper.

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

How Are You Nurturing Your Social Network?

When I say “social network,” I don’t mean electronic communications over an app or a website. I mean in-person, real-time experiences.

Movies, TV & Video

10 Documentaries Everyone Should See

Top picks for the best documentaries about music, sports, true crime, food and more.

Retirement Living

What the New World of Assisted Living Means for You

“Continuing- care” facilities offer more control over your current and future needs but require a big financial commitment. Here’s how to choose one.

Packaged Foods

My Favorite Finds at the 2019 Fancy Food Show

Plant based products, ethnic flavors, healthy snacks were the dominant themes in this year’s show

Common Threads

Your Hidden Excuses Are Holding You Back

I’m too busy…too tired…it’s too hard. Do these sound familiar? What are you missing out on by letting hidden excuses control your life?

Aging for Beginners

Allying with Powerful Feminist Initiatives to Fight Ageism

The fight against ageism needs to be fought much like the feminism movement. It worked then…it can work now.

Exercise Equipment

Supercharge Your Workout with a Weighted Vest

A weighted vest can help you get more from your exercise. Read on for the benefits and tips on choosing the right vest…


Going Abroad? Don’t Leave Home Without Travel Medical Insurance

A trip abroad can be a vacation of a lifetime. But if you get sick or injured, the bills can be huge. Here’s the insurance that will protect you…


Make Your Own Poke Bowl—Easy, Delicious…and Healthy, Too

Poke bowls are popular because they are tasty, nutritious and convenient. Here, the elements that make them special—and a simple way to make your own…

Common Threads

Lest We Forget

With time, the power and pain of historical tragedies can soften. But that is dangerous. 9/11 changed our lives forever. Never forget.

Consumer Technology

Best Way to Protect Yourself Online? Use a Virtual Private Network—Here’s How

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are an easy way to make sure your personal information stays out of the hands of hackers.


Beyond Basil: New Flavors for Pestos Are So Delicious

Create a pesto sauce tailored to your personal tastes and dietary restrictions. Whip one up in only minutes!


Enhance the Impact of What You’re Saying By Optimizing Your Voice

Your voice tells listeners more than what you say. Banish ahs and ums, slow down your speech, adjust your volume.