Real Estate

Navigating Life Under a Homeowners Association Is Tricky in So Many Ways

To avoid unexpected problems when living under a homeowners association, you have to know what the rules are and how to make them work for you.

Retirement Planning

401(k) Vs. IRA Early Withdrawal Mistakes

In a financial crunch? Consider an early withdrawal from your retirement account but beware of these mistakes.

Health Insurance

How to Be Heard in the Health Care Debate

Health care is vital for everyone, so it’s important to voice your concerns during this political season. Here are the best ways to be heard…

Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Policies are Not as Appealing as They Seem

Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies promise more than they can deliver.


Even the Tone Deaf Can Make Money In Music

Small investors can buy stakes in songs by musical artists including Beyoncé, Bieber Madonna and Elmo. Here’s how.


Report Shows Seniors Lose Bigger Amounts to Fraud

Seniors aren’t fooled by fraudsters as often as you might expect, but when they are, they lose big. Here’s what you need to know.


Go For it! Profiting From Your Passion in Your Next Career Move—with Jane Pollak and Nancy Collamer

Top experts share advice on how to take the leap into the business you have always dreamed of—guidance on where to start…how to overcome roadblocks…and more.

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

Choosing the Right Business Structure is Crucial for Taxes

Choosing the right structure for a business can have important tax implications.

Retirement Planning

Do You Need to Catch Up on Retirement Savings?

A recent survey shows which age groups are in the worst shape for retirement and what they can do about it.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

10 Best Stock Funds for 2020

As the bull market tries to extend its record-long run, here are 10 stock mutual funds and ETFs that can meet the challenges.

Tax Planning

Frequently Overlooked Tax Deductions for 2019

The new tax law contains a lot of changes to deductions. Here’s what you need to know.

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

Start 2020 With Some Shrewd Tax Moves

To plan your taxes in the most efficient way possible, begin early.

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

How to Go About Making Tax Elections

It’s not always evident which tax “elections” you should make, but the choices can be vital.


Beware the Hazards of Robo Advisors

How to protect yourself from automated investment advice services (robo advisors) that may not be trustworthy.


Make Money by Working from Home

Where to look and how to apply for telecommute jobs—plus how to avoid scam listings.