The Economy

The Rising Threat of the Falling Population

Doom mongers have been warning about the danger of overpopulation for centuries. Mass starvation and resource shortages were predicted to…


Stocks for the Biden Presidency

With a democratic President, House of Representatives and Senate, here are the industries and stocks that likely will do well—and those to avoid.


Seven Ways Your 2020 Tax Return Could Be Different

The pandemic will make this year’s tax return preparation a bit different than most years. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

Retirement Accounts

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA: Which Is Better for Retirement Savings

Traditional IRAs allow pre-tax contributions and tax your withdrawals; Roth contributions are with after-tax dollars and withdrawals are tax free. What’s the right type for you?

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Mutual Fund Loyalty Program

A new breed of mutual fund automatically lowers its expense ratio if you hold it for multiple years. Is it worth investing in?

Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards 2021

The past year dramatically shifted how Americans spend their money—and that has shaken up the roster of most-rewarding credit cards.


10 Great Stocks At or Under $10

An expert stock picker spots bargains for $10 a share or less.

Buying & Selling

Looking to Buy a House? Beware These Signs of Serious Problems

Spot important warning signs that there may be problems with a house before you buy—what to check on doors, windows, cabinets, electrical, roof, more.


How to Maintain Workplace Relationships When Working Remotely

Working from home means no casual conversations around the coffee machine or in the hallway. Here, five ways to stay close to coworkers and forge bonds with new remote colleagues...


IPOs to Watch for in 2021

2020 was a hot year for companies filing IPOs, but what’s in store for 2021? Are Petco, Robinhood, Bumble and others good opportunities, or should you stay away?

Retirement Planning

For Retirement Withdrawals, 3% is The New 4%

Low interest rates mean you have to cut back on your withdrawals to avoid running out of money before you die.


Value Investing Makes a Comeback

As the economy rebounds, bargain-priced stocks have become more attractive.

Estate Planning

The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make in 2021

With interest rates way down and stock prices, as well as car prices, way up, Bottom Line Personal asked five financial experts for some of the shrewdest money moves you can make ...

College Finance

Best Ways to Help A Grandchild Pay for College

How you help a grandchild pay for college can have a big effect on financial aid…taxes…and estate planning. Here are four options.


Stocks That Benefit From Rising Inflation

Rising inflation can hurt stocks overall but help some that can pass along increased costs to consumers. Here are some that benefit.