Buying & Selling

Quick Home Sales Are Offered by More Online Firms

A growing number of companies known as iBuyers are offering to quickly buy homes themselves. But you typically end up with a much lower sale price.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

These Balanced Funds Offer A Safer Bet

These three mutual funds offer a balance of stocks and bonds that provide strong returns with less volatility.


Top Stocks Warren Buffett Would Pick in Today’s Stock Market

Want to mimic Warren Buffett’s legendary—and successful—investing style? Here are five stocks to get you started.


0% Brokerage Commissions Have Limits

Just because major brokerages slashed commissions on trading stocks to zero doesn’t mean you should ignore other fees.

Credit Report Score

How to Maintain Your Credit Score in Retirement

Even in retirement, a low credit score can hurt you. Here’s how to bolster your score when you’re no longer working.

Health Insurance

Lyme or Chronic Fatigue? Get Your Insurer to Pay Up

When you doctor says you have a health problem that your health or disability insurer insists isn’t “real,” it’s time to fight back. How to win…

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

Tax Planning and Management Under the New Law

Nearly two years after the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, taxpayers are still getting used to the effects it has had. Here’s help.

Retirement Planning

The Big Social Security Mistake Most People Make

Very few people pick the right age to start collecting Social Security, sacrificing many thousands of dollars, according to a new study.

Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers Reveal the Worst Mistakes Their Clients Made

You would be shocked by the financially foolish things some people do. You can learn to avoid disaster from these financial goofs.

Tax Planning

There Are Still Tax Penalties for Getting Married

The 2017 federal tax law was supposed to defeat the marriage penalty, but that penalty is still around. Here’s what to watch out for when you marry.


Stock Opportunity: Mid-Cap Dividend Payers

Dividend-paying stocks of medium-size companies become more attractive as big blue-chip stocks have soared.

Wealthy and Wise

How Your Trust Can Avoid Taxes by Changing States

You can completely avoid state income tax on a trust’s income based on guidelines from a recent US Supreme Court ruling. Here’s how.

Health Insurance

Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare? How to Choose

If you need help navigating the alphabet soup of traditional Medicare (plus Medigap) and Medicare Advantage, here’s how.


These Trends Could Boost Your Stock Returns for Years

Trends that last 10 years can bolster companies in good and bad times, creating big investment opportunities.

Personal Loans

Despite Lower Rates, Most Vehicle Owners Shouldn’t Refinance

Here’s how to assess the possible savings by refinancing an auto loan.