Do This Fast if You’ve Been Hacked

If your email or social media account has been breached by a hacker, here’s what you need to do right now.

Aging for Beginners

Piggy-Back PR: How Marketers Are Capitalizing on Coronavirus

Marketers are masters at taking advantage of a good crisis. Here, some insights, into staying ahead of their game.


Report Shows Seniors Lose Bigger Amounts to Fraud

Seniors aren’t fooled by fraudsters as often as you might expect, but when they are, they lose big. Here’s what you need to know.


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Searching for a plumber or locksmith or other help on Google could be a costly mistake.


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The One-Ring Robocall Scam

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Imposter Scams Are Now the Greatest Fraud Risk

Imposter scams have surged past identity theft to become the most common form of fraud.


Scammers Lurk in Amazon Marketplace

Scams are on the rise by third-party sellers on Amazon. Here’s how to spot them.

Identity Theft

Hackers Are Not the Biggest Culprit in Health-Care Data Breaches

More than half of security breaches of patient information are caused by internal negligence at healthcare providers.


Hidden Danger in Your Car’s Infotainment System

Your own car or a rental car may be storing information about you that can be stolen and used against you.


How to Outwit Robocallers

Robocallers are out of control, but here’s how you can defeat them


Here’s a Big Reason to Be More Wary About Money Lies

Lying about money is the American way, as evidenced by these survey findings.


Two New Finra Rules Protect Investors Against Fraud

Two new rules are meant to help your broker identify and block fraud and scams that can drain your assets.


This New Scam Tricks Taxpayers with Refunds They Can’t Keep

Tax scams involving fraudulent tax refunds aren't new. But this devious new twist can outwit IRS safeguards.

The Advocator

The Surprising Science That Explains How Grandma Got Scammed.

Not too far from our Bottom Line offices, a woman in her late 70s walked into a local bank branch.…