New Broker Rules Provide False Promises of Protection

New SEC rules to shield against broker conflicts of interest do little to protect you. Here’s how to make sure you’re safe.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

New ETFs Limit Losses

A new type of ETF limits your possible losses. One version won’t let you lose more than 10%.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Beware Mutual Fund Fees That May Bias Your Adviser

Before investing in a fund, make sure your adviser doesn’t have a conflict of interest in recommending it and that it doesn’t have unnecessary fees.


How to Invest in Munis to Lower Taxes

Municipal bonds can provide a good option for lowering taxes. Here’s how to figure out how they can help you.


When Crises Hit Companies, What Should Investors Do?

After a crisis hits a company, should investors bail out or invest? Here’s how to decide.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

More Money for Mutual Fund and ETF Investors

A new report shows that it is less expensive than ever to invest in mutual funds and ETFs.


Lack of Knowledge Holds Back Investors

The biggest roadblock to investing and retirement security isn’t lack of money, it’s lack of information.


High on Pot Stocks

Investors should tread cautiously even though the US marijuana market could reach $50 billion in five years. Here are two attractive Canadian stocks.

Portfolio Strategy

Investments that Are Worth the Risk for Higher Returns

As the bull market ages some investors are stretching their comfort zones to boost returns. Here are some great investments options to do that.


5 Winning Strategies for Cautious Investors

As many investors grow more cautious after a 10-year bull market, here are some strategies that provide both growth and protection in a bumpy market.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Great Alternatives to Closed Funds

When great funds are closed, look for funds with similar investment styles and portfolios. Plus: Three copycat funds to consider.

Portfolio Strategy

Further Proof That You Can’t Time the Market

A recent study shows investors underperforming in rising markets and losing more in bad markets. So what do you do?


Tiny Stocks That Deliver Big Returns

Three top-performing microcap stocks with big upside recommended by a top-performing fund manager.


Invest Like A Nobel-Prize Winning Economist

Nobel Prize-winning economist’s secrets to spotting emotional mistakes made by investors and using them to find attractive stocks.

Stock of the Week

May 8, 2019 | Fifth Third Bancorp | FITB

Investors overreacted, but this week’s Stock of the Week is getting stronger.