Best and Worst Bond Funds 2021

Today’s low interest rates leave little room for bond funds to profit, but here’s how investors can do well.

Portfolio Strategy

Secrets of a Master Fund Manager to Boost Profits While Reducing Risk

Here are the stocks that could help you transition into 2021.


Medical REITS are Attractive for Investors

As long as there are doctors, the need for medical real estate will continue, benefiting real estate firms that own the facilities.


What Market History Portends for Biden’s First Year

Here’s what tends to happen when there is a change in political party in the White House and when Congress is controlled by one party or two.


The Real Growth Stocks

Although about 270 stocks in the S&P 500 are classified as "growth," having increased revenue an average of 15% or more over the past five years, only 66 are truly worthy of th...


Best Stock Funds and ETFs for 2021

The challenges and opportunities of 2020 will continue to shape fund success in 2021.


Better Way to Invest in Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle makers have soared on the stock market, but electric system suppliers may be the better long-term investment.


The Best Midcap Stocks and Funds Now

Medium-size companies have features that make them attractive to investors in the current environment.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

New “Non-Transparent” ETFs Offer Top Managers

A new SEC rule has encouraged managers of top mutual funds to launch ETFs with similar portfolios. Are they worthwhile?


With “SPACs,” Now You Can Invest In Companies Before They Go Public

This alternative to an IPO called a SPAC enables small investors to invest early in an electric-truck maker, a space tourism business and more…and a lot more opportunities are on...


Stocks Benefit From Cancer-Test Breakthroughs

Genetic blood testing is a $6 billion market destined to grow to $50 billion.

Foreign Investing

Buffett’s Betting on Japan. Should You?

There are big opportunities for small investors in the beaten down Japanese stock market, as evidenced by Warren Buffett’s multibillion-dollar investment.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Beware Private-Equity in Your 401(k)

Private-equity investments may sound tempting but can have hidden drawbacks.

Foreign Investing

Why These Foreign-Stock Funds Could Outshine US Funds

Bottom Line Personal asked stock-fund experts Janet M. Brown and Neena Mishra, CFA, why foreign stocks provide big opportunities now and which are the best mutual funds and exchang...


Toxic Stocks: These Beaten-Down Companies May Never Recover

Some major companies will never fully recover from the pandemic plunge, making them “toxic stocks” that should be shunned.