Retirement Planning

For Retirement Withdrawals, 3% is The New 4%

Low interest rates mean you have to cut back on your withdrawals to avoid running out of money before you die.


Value Investing Makes a Comeback

As the economy rebounds, bargain-priced stocks have become more attractive.

Estate Planning

The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make in 2021

With interest rates way down and stock prices, as well as car prices, way up, Bottom Line Personal asked five financial experts for some of the shrewdest money moves you can make ...

College Finance

Best Ways to Help A Grandchild Pay for College

How you help a grandchild pay for college can have a big effect on financial aid…taxes…and estate planning. Here are four options.


Stocks That Benefit From Rising Inflation

Rising inflation can hurt stocks overall but help some that can pass along increased costs to consumers. Here are some that benefit.


Best and Worst Bond Funds 2021

Today’s low interest rates leave little room for bond funds to profit, but here’s how investors can do well.

Portfolio Strategy

Secrets of a Master Fund Manager to Boost Profits While Reducing Risk

Here are the stocks that could help you transition into 2021.


Medical REITS are Attractive for Investors

As long as there are doctors, the need for medical real estate will continue, benefiting real estate firms that own the facilities.


Mortgage Lenders More Generous With Points

If you're in the market for a “jumbo” mortgage, paying discount points upfront could be a great deal.


Where the Jobs are 2021

Despite the pandemic, some jobs offer opportunities that many people could transition into within months.

Earning Extra Income

Turn Your Hobby into Cash by Selling on Etsy

How to make your products findable…set the right price…leverage social media…make customers love you…and more.


What Market History Portends for Biden’s First Year

Here’s what tends to happen when there is a change in political party in the White House and when Congress is controlled by one party or two.

The Economy

Allen Sinai’s 2021 Economic Forecast: A New Bull Market Through 2025

Jittery investors must look past their myopic fears right now and position themselves for much better times, says economist Allen Sinai.


Mortgage Loans Harder to Obtain

Mortgage rates are at record lows, but borrowers are increasingly likely to have mortgage applications denied as lenders fear defaults.


How to Decide Whether to Pay Off Your Mortgage Despite Low Rates

Mortgage rates are so low that home loans seem like bargains, but paying off your mortgage early often remains a savvy money move.