Next Fast-Growing Market – India

For investors who want to diversify in fast-growing markets beyond the US, China has been the obvious choice. But the…

Financial Planning

Avoid These Social Security Traps

How wise are your Social Security decisions? Social Security benefits account for approximately one of every three dollars received by…


Create Your Own Target-Date Fund

About 40 million Americans have invested in target-date funds (TDFs), those ready-made, all-weather portfolios of stock and bond funds that…


Taxpayer Victories and Defeats

The IRS is always challenging taxpayers on matters ranging from business expenses to legal settlements to unusual assets. Thousands of…

Financial Planning

Go Rogue! Using Unconventional Wisdom to Guide Your Financial Decisions

Top economist and Wall Street gadfly Laurence J. Kotlikoff, PhD, believes that the way most of us go about planning…


Invest in High-End Collectibles with Fractional Shares

Want to own an original Declaration of Independence? A vintage Ferrari? A Warhol silkscreen? Now you can own a piece of a high- priced collectible by buying fractional shares.

Financial Planning

Bridging the Gap Between Siblings’ Finances

It can be difficult when one sibling has greater financial means than another. Here’s how to maintain your relationship despite your different financial situations.

Estate Planning

Little-Known Tools for Retirement and Estate Planning

The upsides of IRAs and living trusts for retirement and estate-planning are widely known, but even savvy savers might not…


Best IPOs For 2022

The year 2021 marked the strongest for initial public offerings (IPOs) in US history, with more than 1,000 companies going…

Financial Planning

Ways to Estimate Life Expectancy

Instead of focusing on how long your parents lived, or using the Social Security calculator, here are better ways to estimate your life expectancy.


Spot a Treasure In Your Pocket Change

Before you toss your pocket change in a jar, check them carefully for these characteristics. You may have a valuable coin!

The Economy

Companies That Still Manufacture Things Here

Do you prefer to buy American-made products? Here are 33 companies that still manufacture their products in the US.

Charitable Giving

How to Choose a Charity Worthy of Your Money

The year is winding down…and that means donation time is nearing. Nonprofits will start filling mailboxes and airwaves with appeals…


What to Do With the Big-Tech Stocks in Your Portfolio

Big Tech rules the world. But will Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft—all now nearly trillion-dollar-plus companies that thrived during…


The Outlook for Bonds in 2022… and the Best Bond Funds Now

For the past decade, bonds have dodged a bear market. Has their luck finally run out? The bond market faced…