Work-from-Home Photos Can Create Security Risks

Photos of home offices can create opportunities for scammers when posted on social media.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Active Fund Managers Are Drawing More Fans

This year’s market crash opened up opportunities for top fund managers to spot bargains while avoiding the most vulnerable sectors.


2020 Trends That Will Drive Stocks for Years

The stocks this fund manager hunts for are tapping into consumer trends that have gotten a boost from the upheaval in consumer behavior and spending.


6 Ways Scammers Target Older People

Most common scams are against people age 60 and up. How to protect yourself from being fooled. How to protect your older loved ones.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Alternative Funds Help Balance Volatile Portfolios

When added to a mix of stocks and bonds, these funds can provide extra protection against volatility.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Avoid These Mistakes When Investing in Target-Date Funds

Some target-date funds did much better than the stock market during this year’s crash but still may be too volatile if you’re close to retirement.


How to Save Big on Refinancing Education Loans

A sharp drop in interest rates means students and parents can save thousands of dollars by refinancing education loans while reducing monthly payments.


These Attractive Stocks Boldly Raise Dividends Even Now

Choosing companies that boost payouts despite today’s challenges is a great strategy for the rocky environment that investors face.

Financial Planning

How to Become the CEO of Your Household Finances

The financial challenges facing the head of a household are comparable to those confronting corporate chief executives—and so are the solutions.


Out-of-this-world Stocks

Spending on space ventures is expected to triple to $1.1 trillion by 2040, providing big opportunities for long-term stock investors.

Life Insurance

The Pandemic is Pushing Up Life Insurance Premiums

A plunge in interest rates has caused life insurance companies to stop issuing certain policies and take several other steps that could hurt consumers.


As Stock Buybacks Dry Up, Here Are Winners, Losers

This year’s financial meltdown has put a spotlight on how damaging the wrong kind of buyback can be.

Medical Expenses

Flexible Spending Accounts Now More Flexible

New IRS rules may help you avoid losing pre-tax money that you designated for FSA health-care spending.

Credit Cards

Don’t Let Your Credit Card Limits Be Slashed

Credit card limits are being cut and cards closed amid the recession, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

Financial Planning

How to Raise Emergency Cash Quickly

There are various steps you can take now to bolster your cash cushion while limiting damage to your long-term financial plans.