If you have back pain, relief may lie in the palms of your hands. Reflexology involves applying mild pressure to specific spots on the hands and feet that are believed to correspond with different body organs. While it hasn’t been extensively studied, there is scientific evidence that reflexology can help with chronic back pain.

“It’s hard to find things you can do yourself to help alleviate back pain—this one is a favorite, and it’s quick and easy,” says reflexologist Deborah Flanagan. This move is one that you can perform for yourself—any time, anywhere—to get speedy relief.

How it works: Relieve a tense, aching back by stimulating the spine reflex. This is the area on each thumb that extends down the outside, along the base to the wrist.

What to do: Press with the pad of your left thumb along the outside edge of your right thumb, inching from the top of the thumb, down across the base and across to the middle of your wrist. Then use your right thumb to do the same thing to the outer edge of your left thumb.

Repeat this exercise three or four times on each hand, several times a day, Flanagan suggests. Spend a little more time on any spot that feels tender.