I recently broke my wrist. Is there any natural treatment that can speed healing of a broken bone?

Most broken bones, when correctly assessed and set, heal just fine. Right near the break, healthy bone starts to manufacture different kinds of cells to promote healing. Osteoclasts take away bits of bone and reabsorb calcium salts into the blood. Osteoblasts mobilize substances to begin knitting the bone together.

Typical healing time is about six weeks, but some bones take longer, like those with less circulation to them, such as the neck of the femur. Healing takes considerably longer in smokers because of compromised circulation.

I recommend a high-potency multiple vitamin-mineral supplement with calcium and magnesium. Many nutrients are needed for healing, such as vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as zinc, iron and copper. Proper nutritional intake and absorption are key to timely and complete bone healing.