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Fight Off Food Poisoning


If you have eaten something that may have been past its prime, here is how to fight off food poisoning

Activated charcoal—available at drugstores, natural-food stores and stores such as Target and Walmart—traps toxins and other substances and removes them from the body. To prevent food poisoning or lessen its severity, take two capsules of activated charcoal as soon as possible. Repeat every 30 minutes for several hours.

Also helpful: Probiotics. Take a standard dose—read the label for the correct dosage—every hour for several hours as soon as possible. Don’t take probiotics at the same time as activated charcoal. Schedule the doses for in between the charcoal doses. (Here is how to find the best probiotic for you and how they can help you get over common intestinal ailments, too.)

Important: Consult a health-care provider if you have pain or fever for more than 24 hours after eating contaminated food.

Source: Jamison Starbuck, ND, a naturopathic physician in family practice and a guest lecturer at the University of Montana, both in Missoula. She is past president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a contributing editor to The Alternative Advisor: The Complete Guide to Natural Therapies and Alternative Treatments (Time Life). Date: September 3, 2014 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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