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Give Your Cough the Finger


You are in the middle of a crowded room and a coughing jag hits. The usual helpers—throat lozenges, water or tea—are far from sight. Time to use some handy acupressure! Here’s what to do…

An acupressure point that has been known to stop a cough is the one near the end of the middle finger. With the fingers of your right hand, squeeze the top joint of the left hand’s middle finger. Keep squeezing until you stop wheezing. This usually works right away, so you shouldn’t need to switch hands. Then take a deep breath and relax.

More ways to stop a cough…


Source: Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen are health investigators based in New York City who have spent decades collecting “cures from the cupboard.” They are authors of Bottom Line’s Treasury of Home Remedies & Natural Cures and Bottom Line’s Household Magic. They are authors of the free e-letter Household Magic Daily Tips Date: June 2, 2011 Publication: Bottom Line's Household Magic
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