Are you tired of that old uncomfortable pair of pantyhose? Don’t throw them out! Nylon hosiery can turn your least favorite cleaning chores into a breeze.  Here’s what we mean…

Wipe the tough stuff off your windshield: Bird droppings and bugs can do a number on your driving visibility. Mix one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent with two cups of warm water and pour it across the top of the windshield. Then take a pair of pantyhose, and gently scrub off the bird droppings or bugs or any other stubborn debris. The nonabrasive hose will not scratch the glass. Finish the job by wiping the windshield with a clean cloth.

Remove a path of white: If you accidentally get a bit of deodorant on a dark-colored shirt, use a clean pair of pantyhose to wipe it off. The nylon fibers work like a magic eraser.

Delete that bathtub ring: If you’ve got a ring around the inside of your bathtub, grab that pair of pantyhose, cut off a leg, scrunch it up and, with a dab of baking soda, scrub off that unwanted circle. Your tub will be scratch-free clean.

Clean up throw-up: It seems strange to say, but we love pantyhose for removing cat vomit. If you’ve discovered a pet mess on your carpet or upholstery, the best way to clean it is to let it dry (for several hours or overnight). Scrape up the dried bits with a credit card–like card and then vacuum the loose debris. If there’s any residue remaining, dampen an old pair of pantyhose and gently wipe it away. We like to start with water (or simply dry pantyhose) before using soap or vinegar, since that’s safe for most material (although please be careful with certain upholstery covers and carpeting—water can stain some fabrics, such as suede).

When you’re done cleaning with your hosiery, rinse it out and air dry. Or simply chuck the pantyhose into your washing machine. No need to worry about runs in your cleaning stockings!