We’ve heard that no one wears panty hose anymore. Tosh! Somebody must be wearing them because, according to Fortune 500, sales are going strong. But panty hose have not changed much since the 1950s—the sheer material still snags! Here’s how to keep your hose strong…

Picture yourself wearing your favorite sheer, black panty hose. How unsightly is a run or a snag? Help prevent that from happening by lightly spritzing hairspray on the hose as soon as you put them on. Hairspray stiffens the fibers, making the hose less vulnerable to average stocking abuse.

Strengthen the fibers of new panty hose by soaking them in a basin of salt water—about two quarts of warm water to one-quarter cup table salt—for 15 minutes. Rinse them with cold water. The salt soak makes them more run-resistant.

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