Don’t get burned! That’s hard advice to follow if you like to cook. For a minor burn (like an oil splatter), you want a soothing—not stinging—remedy. First, get that burn under gently running cold water. Then grab a kitchen staple for extra healing help…

Please note that these remedies are for first-degree burns only. Do not use on blistered skin or open wounds.

Potato painkiller: Draw out the heat and pain by applying a slice of raw potato or a slice of raw onion to the burn. Leave the potato or onion on the burn for 15 minutes, off for five minutes and then put a fresh piece on for another 15 minutes.

Sauerkraut soother: If you happen to have raw sauerkraut on hand, wrap it and its juices in cheesecloth or a clean cotton cloth and place it on your burn.

Honey to the rescue: Dab some honey on the burn to ease the pain and help the healing process.

Cool, soothing apple butter: Spread refrigerated apple butter over the burned area. As it dries, add another coat to it. Keep adding coats for a day or two, until the burn is just about butter—uh, better.