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4 Easy Ways to Stop Worrying


When worries overwhelm you, here are some easy, effective ways to get your mind—and your life—back on track…

Tone down extremes by writing your worries down and rewording them. Instead of “Nobody likes me,” you might write, “My boss does not like my report.”

Think of worries as trains posted on the departure board at a station—they are all there, but you need not board any of them. And as they depart, you can let them go.

Set aside 20 “worry minutes” a day, and refuse to think about troubling matters at any other time. When your thoughts do drift toward something that causes anxiety, write the concern down and come back to it at the scheduled time.

Make monotony your friend by slowly repeating worrying notions to yourself. Expressing a negative to yourself over and over should soon make your mind wander to more enjoyable thoughts.


Source: Psychology Today. Date: March 31, 2016 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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