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Lazybones’ Guide to Staying Fit (In Spite of Yourself!)


You know you should exercise, but your favorite show is on TV…you can’t wrench yourself away from the Internet…you can’t put down the suspense thriller you’re reading…your couch is just so comfortable…maybe tomorrow.

You need to install an “ejection button” under your seat!

And here it is—Bottom Line’s Lazybones’ Guide to Staying Fit, with dozens of tips, tricks and motivators that will boost you off your butt and get you moving.

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Getting Off Your Butt

How Money Can Get You to Exercise

Try This Memory Trick to Get Motivated to Exercise

5 Tricks to Make Yourself Exercise

Can’t Get Yourself to Exercise?

The Key to Exercise Motivation

Making Exercise Easier

No Time to Exercise? One Minute Can Get You Fit

To Burn Fat, Pair Green Tea with Your Exercise

You Can Exercise Less and Be Just as Healthy

Ayurvedic Secrets to Finding the Best Type of Exercise for You

Sauna Health Benefits Equal to Exercise

Easiest Exercise Ever

Exercise—When Less Is More

Just Do It!

Why Walking Is the #1 Way to Exercise

More Muscle = Less Disease

Sitting Too Long? 7 Really Quick Fitness Breaks

VIDEO: Five-Minute Exercise Regimen

Six Easy Exercises That Increase Your Pleasure In Bed

Date: July 4, 2016 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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