What’s new and delicious in the food world? Each year I go to the Fancy Food Show in New York City to find out. My favorite discoveries this year…


Anastasia Coconut Cashew Crunch won the specialty outstanding food innovation (sofi) product-of-the-year award. These crunchy, bite-size snacks are made with the finest cashews and shredded coconut and are drizzled with a rich, dark chocolate. They are cooked in copper kettles over an open flame—copper kettles conduct heat evenly and produce a superior product. Delish! $5.99 for a 5.75-ounce bag. AnastasiaConfections.com

Baked Popcorn from Snacks 101 contains very little oil and doesn’t get stale as quickly as most other popped popcorn (because baking removes much of the moisture). There are four flavors—Less Mess White Cheddar, Sweet & Spicy Sriracha, Smokey Chipotle and Purely Sea Salt. $3.99 for a five-ounce bag. Snacks101.com

Bak Kwa All-Natural Snack is similar to meat jerky…but better. It’s slow-roasted and melts in your mouth without the leathery jerky texture. It’s preservative-free and gluten-free. Choose from uncured bacon, turkey, beef or pork. $8 for a three-ounce package. LittleRedDot.com

Hot Drinks

Purple Tea from JusTea. Black, white and green tea all come from green tea leaves. This tea instead comes from purple leaves grown in ­Kenya. These leaves contain the same antioxidants as blueberries and pomegranates. $10 for a package of 15 tea bags. JusTea.com

Millie’s Vegetable Sipping Broth is a dehydrated broth in a single-serve bag (like a tea bag). Just steep in a cup of hot water. Flavors include Spicy Tortilla, Tomato Basil, Thai Lemongrass, Curry Spice and Delight Pho (a blend of onion, basil, spicy red pepper and green tea). There are only 260 mg of sodium per broth bag. $8.75 for a package of nine bags. SippingBroth.com


Beyond Better Cashew Sauce is a powder pack that makes a tasty gluten-free, vegan sauce. It is thick and creamy with a slight cashew flavor. Add water, warm it and use it over vegetables, tacos, enchiladas or rice. $7.99 for a 4.25-ounce bag that can make up to 24 ounces of sauce. Use as much as you need, and save the rest for another sauce. Beyond-Better.com

Le Bon Magot is a line of sauces and chutneys that won five 2017 sofi awards. Its chutneys are made from old family recipes. My favorite: Tomato and White Sultana Chutney featuring ginger and garam masala (a combination of Indian spices). Use it to spice up sandwiches or over burgers, fish or roasted vegetables. $13 for an eight-ounce jar. LeBonMagot.com