• Put the beep where you sleep: Smoke alarms are the theme of this year’s Fire Prevention Week (October 4 to 10). Position them on ceilings or high on walls in each bedroom and in the hall adjacent to the bedrooms.

• Photograph fall foliage: Overcast days are best for capturing color. Fog and mist add mystery. Look for autumnal reflections in ponds and streams. For unique photos, shoot trees from above—atop a hill, promontory, etc. Photograph the same tree every few days to document the change.

• Plant for color next fall: Among the most brilliant trees and shrubs: Baldcypress…euonymous (burning bush)…Japanese/red/sugar maple…sassafras…spicebush…sweetgum.

• Fight seasonal depression: Eat foods rich in omega-3s (such as salmon, sardines, walnuts) and tryptophan (pumpkin, spinach, turkey). Avoid processed foods. If you often suffer from winter blues, talk with your doctor about using a phototherapy light box as the days get shorter.

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