Q: How can I get rid of the weeds on my lawn without using toxic chemicals?

A: One approach is simply to pull them out. Many lawn tools, such as Grandpa’s Weeder ($26) and The Weed Bully ($30), can be used for this.

Alternatives: Pour boiling water mixed with white vinegar on the weeds. Or buy a lawn torch, such as Weed Dragon ($70) or Hot Spotter ($100), which attaches to a propane tank and can be used to burn weeds — but use it only when the lawn is wet to avoid fire.

To prevent weeds from growing: Use corn gluten in early spring — it is an effective preemergent (a natural nontoxic herbicide) and is available at garden stores.

Best defense against weeds: An active, healthy, growing lawn. It chokes the weeds, which grab hold when a lawn is sparse. To keep your lawn healthy, feed it with Scott’s Organic or Scott’s Fenway Park Lawn Fertilizer, and water it with one inch of water (approximately 60 minutes) per week. Best time to water: Between 2:00 am and 7:00 am.

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