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Father’s Day 2016: Bottom Line Guide for That Special Dad in Your Life


Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 19). Here’s how to make sure that special Dad in your life feels appreciated and enjoys the day. There are delicious, mouthwatering foods, ranging from a perfect grilled steak and a great burger to the best smoothie he’s ever had and tasty fruit desserts. There are clever gift ideas including golf gadgets craft beers, hammers and flashlights. And there are recommendations for how to have fun. Read on to find out how to create a memorable Father’s Day…

Food and Drink Dad Will Love

How to Broil Like a Pro

3 Tasty Twists on Lasagna

Delicious One-Pan Dinners

Get Out of Your Wine Rut!

8 Great American “Craft” Beers

Cooking Steak Just Right

The Best Smoothie You’ve Ever Had (Healthy, Too)

Forget Beer! Best Wines for a Barbecue

Delicious Fruit Desserts with a Twist

Rachael Ray’s Tricks for a Great Burger

How to Grill a Wicked Good Burger

How to Grill a Great Pizza

Danny DeVito’s Favorite Pasta Dishes

Luscious Brownies (No One Will Guess You Used a Mix)

Clever Gifts

3 Simplest Smartphones

The Headband That Prevents Headaches and Other Great New Gadgets

Great Gadgets for Golfers

Made in America: 14 Great Products Still Made Here

7 Baseball Collectibles to Snap Up While They’re Cheap

9 Tools You Probably Don’t Own—But Should

Tricks to Improve Your Golf Game (Without Leaving Home)

30 Aids for Achy Hands

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose

Get a Closer Shave the Old-Fashioned Way

Classic Comedies to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Fun Times

6 Unusual Lawn Games Anyone Can Play

Secrets of the Golf Pros—Surefire Tips to Improve Your Game

Play Pool—Tricks to Make It More Fun

5 Things Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Date: June 11, 2015 (Updated June 17, 2016) Publication: Bottom Line Personal
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