Do you get a little nervous or queasy when there is turbulence? Here’s the best place to sit on an airplane to lighten the bumps…

Choose a seat over a wing, and you will enjoy the least bumpy ride on the plane. (It’s the same as on a cruise ship—the smoothest ride is amidships near the boat’s center of gravity.) Just note that seats near the wings may be noisier than seats elsewhere, depending on where the engines are. But we’ll take extra-smooth over extra-quiet any day (earplugs to the rescue!).

If you’re a big guy (or not) and would like some extra legroom when you fly, choose an exit row located over a wing. To sit in these rows, you must meet certain FAA criteria—including being willing and able to wrangle a heavy exit-seat door in case there’s an emergency evacuation.

Note: If you like to snooze while you fly, avoid the seats that are in front of exit rows—for safety reasons, they do not recline.

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