Dr. Andrew Hill

In this series, Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner talks to neurotherapist Andrew Hill, PhD, about the impact of modern life on the ADHD brain. He also discusses neurofeedback—exercise and therapy for the brain that has been proven to help with mood regulation, improved sleep, increased energy, stress relief and even migraines and seizures.

Brain Health

The Impact of Modern Life on the ADHD Brain…Sleep, Parents, Pot and More – with Dr. Andrew Hill

In this episode, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner plays the brain edition of word association with lead neurotherapist Dr. Andrew Hill.

Brain Health

Lead Neuroscientist Explains Drug-Free Treatments for Depression, Insomnia, ADHD and Other Brain Ailments

In this episode, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner is joined by Dr. Andrew Hill to talk about neurofeedback, which he describes as “exercise and therapy for the brain.”

Brain Health

ADHD: Nature vs. Nurture…and Then What?

Listen in as Dr. Andrew Hill joins Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner to discuss the inverted views of ADHD.