Brain Health


“Lifestyle programs” that aim to cut dementia risk by changing a single behavior such as exercise have flopped. But combining healthy habits? Success!


Fine particulate pollution, mostly from autos and power plants, is a bigger risk factor for dementia than we knew. Here’s how to protect yourself.


QI read about a new treatment for depression that involves magnets. Can you explain? AYou’re most likely referring to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This procedure involves placing electromagnetic coils on the scalp of a person suffering from depression to deliver targeted pulses that stimulate the part of the brain responsible for mood. Earplugs are worn

Brain Health

QI know that learning a foreign language is supposed to be good for brain health. But I’ve tried and find it extremely difficult. Should I keep trying? AYes. Language processing is one of the brain’s more complex tasks, so learning a second language will strengthen your brain’s ability to focus. The bilingual brain is more

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