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Why Is Low Blood Sugar So Dangerous for People with Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, it's normal to have mild low blood sugar—hypoglycemia—sometimes. But severe hypoglycemia is dangerous. Here's how to prevent it.


The New, Ultimate Diabetes Screening

Is it a crazy idea or the perfect preventive step? A monitoring system used by people with diabetes can reveal early warning signs in “healthy” people.


Certain Statins Are Linked to Diabetes. Is Yours?

Has your doctor put you on cholesterol-lowering statin medication or suggested that it’s time to start? If so, you probably…

High Blood Pressure

Dementia Risk Starts Early with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a known risk factor for dementia. But at what age does the risk start? It’s earlier than you probably think. Recent research…


Herpes Virus Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Even after years of investigation, the cause of Alzheimer’s remains elusive. A recent study gives important new clues…


Is Diabetes Causing Me to Be Sleepy After Dinner?

If you crash after eating dinner, could that be a warning sign of a health problem such as diabetes? Here are the facts about this common phenomenon…


Blood Sugar–Testing Devices Go High-Tech

Are blood sugar monitoring and insulin injections taking over your life? New glucose monitors and insulin pumps can simplify managing your diabetes.


Is It Safe to Eat Fruit When You Have Diabetes?

I know fruit is healthy, but I have diabetes and have to watch how much sugar I eat. Fruit has a lot of sugar, doesn’t it? Does that mean I shouldn’t eat it?

Diet & Nutrition

I’m Kicking the Sugar Habit!

Boost Your Immunity, Lose Weight and Feel Better Than You Have in Years Please scroll down for the Facebook chat…


“Type 1.5” Diabetes

What is type 1.5 diabetes? How does it differ from other types of diabetes? Some researchers believe that type 1.5…


Can Chia Seeds Help Curb My Cravings?

Chia seeds are full of water-soluble fiber that bulks up food so you eat less. That's particularly important if you have prediabetes.


What Kinds of Rice Are Best for Diabetics?

Rice isn’t always a blood-sugar-raising no-no for diabetics. Some kinds have a lower glycemic index than others…and how you cook your rice matters, too.


Vinegar Can Do Wonders for Your Blood Sugar

Apple cider vinegar—indeed, any vinegar—can help prevent blood sugar spikes in people with diabetes or prediabetes. Here's the right way to use it.


Culinary Medicine: Bitter Melon for High Blood Sugar

Bitter melon looks like a warty cucumber. It's used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to control blood sugar in people with diabetes. Should you try it?

Diseases & Conditions

A New Diabetes Risk—Rising Outdoor Temperatures

Rising temperatures from climate change may lead to 100,000 new annual cases of type 2 diabetes in the US. Here’s how to protect yourself.


For Better Blood Sugar, You Can’t Beat Beets

If your blood sugar is too high and you're fighting the battle of the bulge, there's an easy way to…

Diet & Nutrition

How to Still Eat Sugar and Stay Healthy

“Only the dose makes the poison” – Paracelsus (1493-1541), Swiss physician and alchemist. Lots of us are trying to skim…


How a Quick Massage Can Help You Live Longer

Since diabetes runs in my family, I try to eat healthy and exercise and watch my weight so I don’t…


Going Gluten-Free? Watch Your Blood Sugar

Just because a food is gluten free doesn't mean it's good for you. Case in point—pasta.


Exercise If You Take Insulin? This Online Calculator Makes It Easy

If you have diabetes and take insulin, exercise can be tricky—and sometimes, dangerous. This online calculator helps make it easier to be safe.