Alexander Mauskop, MD

Alexander Mauskop, MD, is founder and director of the New York Headache Center. He is board-certified in neurology with subspecialty certification in headache medicine. Dr. Mauskop is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, American Headache Society, and New York Academy of Medicine and a professor of clinical neurology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.


Dr. Mauskop has been conducting research in the field of headaches for more than 30 years and has published numerous articles in scientific journals. He has delivered more than 500 scientific presentations and lectures and serves as a reviewer for the New England Journal of Medicine, Neurology, Headache and other medical journals. Dr. Mauskop is a licensed acupuncturist, an expert in functional medicine and author of  What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines: The Breakthrough Program That Can Help End Your Pain.

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