Allen Sinai, PhD

Allen Sinai, PhD, CEO and chief global economist at Decision Economics, Inc., a financial advisory firm based in Boston and New York City. He has been an adviser to several US presidential administrations.


Mid-Year Economic Forecast

Stoked by trillions of dollars in monetary and fiscal stimulus, pent-up demand from millions of consumers and one of the…

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Allen Sinai’s 2021 Economic Forecast: A New Bull Market Through 2025

Jittery investors must look past their myopic fears right now and position themselves for much better times, says economist Allen Sinai.

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Economist Allen Sinai: Market Recovery May Be Painfully Slow

Here’s when the economy and the stock market may recover from the coronavirus pandemic shock.

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Allen Sinai’s 2020 Forecast for the US Economy: No Recession Yet But Lower Returns

Top economist Allen Sinai says no recession yet but expect a weaker and more volatile stock market in 2020.

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Don’t Abandon Stocks in 2019—But Get More Cautious

Without a recession or unreasonably high interest rates, it’s doubtful a bear market will emerge in 2019, according to top economist Allen Sinai.

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Why the Bull Market Will Continue in 2018

Here’s why the stock market will have another strong year in 2018 according to top economist Allen Sinai.

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Stocks Up 11% in 2018: Allen Sinai’s Midyear Forecast

There are still gains to be had if you pick the right sectors.

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Will Trump’s Setbacks End the Bull Market?

Will the Trump administration’s setbacks trip up the eight-year-old bull market? Top economist Allen Sinai says no. Despite widespread skepticism…

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Why The Bull Market Can Last To 2019

Can the aging bull market survive through 2017, and possibly beyond, in the face of dramatic shifts in economic policy…


The Stock Market Is Stuck

What to Do Now Midyear Forecast from Allen Sinai There’s plenty of caution and gloom on Wall Street this year.…


Why Stocks Will Climb 9% in 2016

Exclusive: Allen Sinai’s Economic Forecast Can the bull market in stocks roll into an eighth year despite the major challenges…


Why the Bull Market Will Last 4 More Years

The current six-year-old bull market can become a 10-year bull market. That’s top economist Allen Sinai’s optimistic prediction for the…


Why Stocks Will Rise 13%

Bottom Line Economic Forecast 2015 from Allen Sinai, PhD Can the US stock market continue to shine when much of…

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Expect a 30% Gain Before the Bull Market Ends

Allen Sinai's Midyear Forecast The stock market had a difficult time getting unstuck through the first few months of 2014.…

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How the Government’s Bailout Plan Will Help You—and Hurt You

Economic forecast from Allen Sinai Some politicians have suggested that the global credit crisis could push the US economy into…


Will the Stock Market Soar Some More?

2014 forecast from Allen Sinai, PhD The bull market that began in March 2009 has survived steep unemployment…slow US economic…


The Best Advice I Ever Got

Very successful people share their secrets Think big, plan carefully and execute perfectly. That advice helped guide Martin Edelston when…

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Four Signs of Hope for the Economy: From Top Economist Allen Sinai, PhD

There’s a monumental struggle under way right now that will shape the fate of the US economy and the stock…

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Going Up! That’s Allen Sinai’s Forecast for the Stock Market Into 2015

Is the record-setting bull market going to end this year, catching investors flat-footed? Lots of analysts and investors have already…

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Fiscal Cliff Update: Stocks Will Jump This Year Says Top Economist Allen Sinai, PhD

Note: In late January, Congress passed legislation to suspend the nation’s borrowing limit for three months, until May 19, providing…