Bill Gottlieb

Bill Gottlieb has spent his lifetime learning about and writing about health—and helping millions of Americans achieve their health goals.

He is a trained Health Coach and the author of 13 health books, including the bestselling Alternative Cures. He also authored Bottom Line’s Speed Healing, for which he was recently the featured spokesperson in an infomercial that was broadcast in cities nationwide.

Additionally, Bill has written hundreds of articles for many national publications, including Prevention, Readers’ Digest, Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health among others.

Alternative Treatments

The Power of Doodling

Bill Gottlieb, America’s #1 natural health coach and author of Bottom Line’s Speed Healing, suggests that doodling can be a…

Alternative Treatments

A Trick to Remembering Names

Who doesn’t have trouble remembering names? Bill Gottlieb, America’s #1 natural health coach and author of Bottom Line’s Speed Healing,…

Alternative Treatments

Cherry Juice Beats Insomnia

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle nightly with insomnia, then this tip from Bill Gottlieb, America’s…

Alternative Treatments

Put Your Finger on Your Asthma Triggers

Bill Gottlieb, America’s #1 natural health coach and author of Bottom Line’s Speed Healing, discusses asthma triggers and what to…

Alternative Treatments

Dietary Shifts for Diabetes

Changing one’s diet to prevent or control diabetes can be challenging. Bill Gottlieb, America’s #1 natural health coach and author…

Alternative Treatments

Reducing the Risk for Diabetes with Food

One of the main ways people can reduce their risk for diabetes is with the food we eat. Bill Gottlieb, America’s #1…

Alternative Treatments

A Quick Way to Stop Diabetes

One of the most important things a person can do to prevent type 2 diabetes is exercise. Bill Gottlieb, America’s…

Diet & Nutrition

Even More Health Benefits from Dark Chocolate

It Fights Dementia, Skin Cancer, Diabetes… You may already know that dark chocolate is good for you, in particular for…


4 Spices That Fight Cancer, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Memory Loss and More

Certain spices have been touted as good for our health. For example, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar…ginger eases indigestion…and garlic…


Fight Diabetes and Prediabetes Naturally with Three Proven Nondrug Remedies

Scientific research and the experience of doctors and other health professionals show that supplements and superfoods can be even more…


Testosterone Helps Prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes and More—And It’s Not Just for Men

The sex hormone testosterone gives a man his beard, deep voice and sex drive. It also may give all of…