Dana Anspach, CFP

Dana Anspach, CFP, CEO of Sensible Money, LLC, which specializes in retirement-income planning, Scottsdale, Arizona. SensibleMoney.com

Retirement Living

The Financial Benefits of Staggered Retirement

Many two-income couples assume that they’ll retire at the same time and then transition to a new chapter in their…

Financial Planning

5 Money Mavens Reveal Their Most Memorable Mistakes

Even some of the country’s shrewdest financial pros have made big mistakes with their money. Here are their confessions so you don’t make those mistakes.

Portfolio Strategy

These Funds Aim for Secure Retirement Income

Retirement income funds provide the right amount of income for your needs, then generate a regular payment every month.

Retirement Planning

An RMD Fund

To help you meet required minimum distributions, you consolidate all your IRA assets into the RMD fund corresponding closest to the date you turn 70 ½.