Edgar Dworsky

Edgar Dworsky, a consumer attorney and former Massachusetts assistant attorney general. He is founder of the consumer-education websites ConsumerWorld.org and MousePrint.org.


Beware the Fine Print in “Free” Trials

Here’s what to watch out for in the fine print when you see a free-trial offer.


Companies are Getting Sneakier with Shrinking Product Sizes

Although the downsizing of products is not new, it has become trickier.


Talk Shows Take a Cut on Product Recommendations

The morning TV show’s “shopping expert” says this faux fur coat is the ideal gift…these mail-order steaks will be some…

Financial Planning

Quicken Triples Its Price—Quietly

Quicken, the popular money-management software program, has tripled in cost starting with the 2018 edition.


Amazon and Walmart Lower Free Shipping Minimum

The free-shipping competition has heated up among online retail giants—meaning shoppers can save more money at certain sites. Amazon.com recently…

Money Savers

Warranty Protection You Don’t Know You Have

You might have warranty protection even after a product’s manufacturer’s warranty expires. An obscure consumer protection called the “implied warranty…


When Cotton Isn’t Cotton and Other Clothing Lies

Clothing companies sometimes use confusing product names, hard-to-locate labels or even outright lies to make it difficult to tell what…

Financial Planning

My Worst Money Mistake: 6 Financial Experts Fess Up

Even the shrewdest financial experts make huge money mistakes from time to time—mistakes that can be very costly but that…

Money Savers

Are Plenti Rewards Worth It?

Plenti doesn’t offer as much as you might think. It’s the name of a heavily promoted new loyalty program that…


The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make in 2015

Every year at this time, Bottom Line/Personal asks leading personal finance experts for the shrewdest money moves that our readers…


The Best Thing I Did in 2014 That You Can Do in 2015

Inspiring Ideas from Bottom Line's Experts With 2015 rapidly approaching, we asked a wide range of our experts to share…


Is the Cheaper Store-Brand Supplement Really As Good?

Store-brand vitamins and supplements can save you money, but they may not be as perfect a match to national brands…


Companies Are Diluting Products to Boost Profits

Next time you shop for a whole chicken or boneless chicken breasts in a supermarket meat section, give the ­labels…


Ways to Block Unwanted Calls

The "Do Not Call" Registry doesn't always work. Here's what does... Signing up for the federal government's Do Not Call…

Money Savers

The Lowdown on Layaway Plans

Beware fees and conditions on holiday layaway plans. These plans, which typically require you to put down 10% to 20%…

Credit Cards

Shred Unwanted Credit Cards

Shred unwanted credit cards or cut them into many small pieces, and dispose of the bits in separate garbage bags.…