George Hobica

George Hobica is founder of, an airfare alert and listings website.


A Loophole Lets These Foreign Airlines Offer Savvy Travelers Some Appealing Flights

Airline flights usually have to begin or end in the airline’s home country. But there’s a big loophole that can save smart flyers lots of money.


Foreign Discount Airlines Are Often a Bad Deal

The potential cost of flying on a foreign discount airline goes way beyond inconvenience and annoying fees.


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Sneaky Ways Airlines Are Tricking You Now

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Sneaky Airline Fees Trip Up Frequent Fliers

So-called carrier-imposed fees vary widely among airlines and can cause your airfare to soar.


New Airline Fare Blocks Overhead Bins

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Scammers are Stealing Frequent-Flier Mile Donations

Scammers are offering to help people donate unused frequent-flier miles or hotel rewards points to charity. The scammer's e-mail or…


New Multicity Airfare Trap

New rules from American, Delta and United often make it much more expensive to book a multicity trip. Previously the…


New Airfare War Benefits Travelers

American Airlines has begun matching ultra-low fares offered by discount carriers Spirit and Frontier on certain routes—particularly routes to popular…


Airline Upgrades Disappearing—But Not for You

Airline travelers—particularly those who fly enough to earn elite status—used to have a reasonable chance of getting bumped up to…


Thieves at the Baggage Carousel

Airports and airlines are reducing baggage-carousel security to save money, increasing the risk for theft. Thieves often can simply take…


Beware the New Frequent-Flier Rules

How to Get the Most for Your Miles Now Airlines are altering rules for frequent-flier programs—to the detriment of many…


Keep Your Valuables Safe When Traveling

At airports: Travelers should wait until they are just about to go through the scanner before putting anything valuable into…