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Credit Cards

The Best Store Credit Cards

Pros and cons of the most popular store credit cards.

Cutting Taxes

Seven Tax-Friendly States

Seven states where the overall tax burden is low and there is no estate tax or tax on Social Security benefits or income tax unless otherwise noted.

Credit Cards

The Best Credit Cards for 2019

You can reap tremendous rewards from these top credit cards by using each to spend in its most rewarding categories.

Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards for 2018

The credit card you choose will depend on whether you are a big borrower...traveler...foodie...or driver...or a small-business person or student.

Credit Cards

10 Tricky Terms: Deciphering Credit Card Language

In the world of credit cards, almost everything that you are told can be confusing or misleading—and that includes ads,…

Credit Cards

How to Get Huge Credit Card Rewards on Every Purchase

If your credit card offers cash back of 2% or less, you can do better—a lot better—for most purchases. The…

Auto Insurance

Credit Scores Can Raise Car Insurance Rates

If you don’t want to pay extra for car insurance, you must think about your credit score—because it can affect…

Money Savers

Money-Saving Credit Card Perks You Might Not Know You Have

Your credit cards provide free benefits that could save you hundreds of dollars a year, but you may not know—or…