John Sileo

John Sileo, president and CEO of The Sileo Group, a Denver-based data-security think tank.

Identity Theft

Latest Hacker Target: Cell-Phone Accounts

Hackers are hijacking smartphone numbers as a way to gain control of financial and social media accounts.

Web & Social Media

New Twist on Old Facebook Scam

Beware a sinister new twist on an old Facebook scam. Con artists used to troll for personal information by creating…


Beware Uber and Netflix Scams

Hackers Are Stealing Your Logins Cyberthieves aren’t just invading financial accounts such as credit card and bank accounts—they also are…


Warning: Cyber Thieves May Have Your Social Security Number

What to do right now... Massive data breaches at giant companies have become so commonplace that consumers now tend to…


Cloud Hackers: Could They Steal Your Photos, Too?

Few people seem to fully understand "the cloud," yet hundreds of millions of people use it to store their digital…


Hackers Could Ruin Your Life

Changing passwords isn't enough to stop them Recent news that Russian hackers had stolen more than 1.2 billion passwords from…

Web & Social Media

Facebook Is Spying on You

Six ways your privacy could be compromised Please scroll down for the Facebook chat with John Sileo on online privacy…


The Best Thing I Did in 2013 That You Can Do in 2014

Inspiring Ideas from Bottom Line's Experts With 2013 near its end, we asked a diverse group of our experts to…

Social Security

Safeguard Your Social Security Payments

Block scammers from stealing your Social Security payments electronically. Anyone who uses a bank account with ­direct deposit is vulnerable.…

Consumer Technology

How to Protect Your Wi-Fi

How secure is the wireless router that you use at home to send online content through the air? Although it’s…