Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer, a well-known entertainer, entrepreneur and consultant, has spent more than 35 years in the entertainment, hospitality and nightlife industries. Leveraging his extensive global experience with powerhouse brands and award-winning ventures, Jon is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on transformation, training programs and “reaction management strategy.”  His broad areas of expertise include product and brand recognition…merchandising promotions…customer acquisition…product marketing…go-to-market strategy, television…and public speaking. Jon has been featured in numerous international publications including Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone and The New York Times. He has appeared as a guest on Rachael Ray to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America and other TB shows, and he continues regular appearances on Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business News.


The Six Excuses That Are Destroying Your Life and Depleting Your Bank Account With Special Guest Jon Taffer

In this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator, Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner is joined by Jon Taffer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and host and executive producer of Bar Rescue...

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