Jonathan Rose, DPM

Jonathan Rose, DPM, is a podiatrist in private practice in Baltimore. He is coauthor of The Foot Book: A Complete Guide to Healthy Feet,

Foot Health

My Feet Stink! What Really Stops Foot Odor

Embarrassed by foot odor? Sometimes you may think that nothing can remove the stench. But that’s not true. Here’s what really works…

Foot Health

Laser: A Better Solution for Icky Toenail Fungus

Are you dreading sandal weather because one or more of your toenails has turned ugly? If the nail is misshapen,…

Exercise & Fitness

The Joy of Barefoot Running

Fans of the barefoot-running movement might say that the risks of such minor mishaps as stepping on a pebble are…

Exercise & Fitness

Take Your Old Shoes Shopping

Wearing the right running shoes can mean the difference between safety and injury when you take to the road (or…