Karl Brauer

Karl Brauer, executive analyst at automotive research firm iSeeCars and executive publisher of CarExpert.com, an automotive news and reviews website.


Best New 2021 Vehicles

Shoppers for 2021 vehicles will find several all-new models…and exciting updates of some of America's most popular vehicles.


New SUVs, Pickups to Charge Up the Electric Vehicle Market

Over the next two years, buyers who would rather plug in than fill up will have many more options, including various SUVs and pickups.


News About Electric Cars

If you might be interested in an electric car, there is news you should know about the federal tax credit, state fees & the latest generation of vehicles.


2020 SUVs That Stand Out From the Crowd

As SUVs and pickups grab a record 70% of US auto sales, automakers are scurrying to introduce new and redesigned 2020 models.


Cars That Make Modern Tech Easy to Use

The technology in these vehicles—touchscreens, safety systems, etc.—is actually easy to use.


Seven 2020 Cars Worth Waiting For

Before you buy a new SUV, sporty car, crossover, pickup or hatchback, read about these 2020 models from Ford, Toyota, Ram, Kia, Nissan and Cadillac.


The 2019 Pickup Trucks Are Awesome—Here’s How to Choose the Best One for You

The latest pickup trucks are still rugged and durable and they’re nearly as smooth and comfortable to drive as SUVs.


The 5 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars and SUVs

The best new fuel-efficient cars don’t feel or drive like the underperforming, underwhelming gas-sippers of yore.


9 Great 2019 Cars and Pickups Worth Waiting For

Several redesigns stand out among 2019 model year vehicles.


The Best New 2018 Luxury Cars and SUVs

Some new luxury vehicles for 2018 provide sumptuous comfort and the latest driving technology while others offer luxury for less than $45,000.


These Five-Seat Cars Really Do Seat Five

If a vehicle has a second row of seats and five seat belts, its automaker inevitably claims it seats five.…


The Best New SUVs for 2017 and 2018

SUVs have taken over the roads. In 2016, there were more SUVs on the list of the top 20 best-selling…


Great New Cars Worth Waiting For

Within the next year, automakers will be unveiling some vastly improved versions of tremendously popular vehicles…plus some new twists on…

Car Maintenance

Automakers Are Installing Faulty Air Bags in New Cars

Four automakers—Toyota, ­Volkswagen (including VW brand Audi), Fiat Chrysler and Mitsubishi—continue to install air bags that they know are defective…


The Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Cars are so well-made these days that most will provide 150,000 miles of service without any serious problems. In fact,…


7 Great New Cars Worth Waiting For

An affordable electric car that offers hundreds of miles of gasless driving per charge. A luxury car that can drive…


Great Deals Now on Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

This is a great time to get an attractive deal on a fuel-efficient used car. Automakers churned out large numbers…


5 Sales Tactics That Still Fool Many Car Buyers

Today’s car shoppers are savvier than ever. Many of them know to turn down unnecessary add-ons such as rust-proofing and…


Hazards of Car Backup Cameras

Backup-camera systems that give drivers a view behind the car are becoming increasingly common on new cars, and studies suggest…


The Best Luxury Cars for 2015

Bottom Line/Personal: What are the best luxury cars for 2015? I’m Steven Kaye, Editorial Director at Bottom Line Publications, and…