Keith ­Gumbinger

Keith ­Gumbinger, vice president of New Jersey–based HSH Associates, which publishes consumer loan information.

Financial Planning

Strategic Money Moves for a Tough 2023

There are tough times ahead, as investors and consumers head into decades-high inflation, fast-­rising interest rates and an economy teetering…


6 Strategies To Help Your Child Buy A Home

Young adults aren’t just borrowing from banks to buy their first homes—many are asking for help from mom and dad.…


Mortgage Lenders More Generous With Points

If you're in the market for a “jumbo” mortgage, paying discount points upfront could be a great deal.


Mortgage Loans Harder to Obtain

Mortgage rates are at record lows, but borrowers are increasingly likely to have mortgage applications denied as lenders fear defaults.


Have Mortgage Rates Dropped Enough for You to Refinance?

Here’s how to decide whether sunken mortgage rates make it worthwhile to refinance your home loan.


How Shared Appreciation Mortgages Help With Down Payment

What if you could take out a loan on your home and not pay it back until you sell your home? That’s what some finance companies have begun to offer.


Should You Consider an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Now as Rates Rise?

Adjustable-rate mortgages are gaining popularity. But consider the hazards carefully before signing up for one.


How Retirees and Near-Retirees Can Overcome Hurdles to Get a Mortgage

Here’s what retirees and people nearing retirement need to know to not only get approved for a mortgage, but to get an attractive rate as well.

Portfolio Strategy

The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make In 2017

The nation’s new political landscape is having a profound impact on financial matters ranging from stocks and bonds to credit…

Buying & Selling

Appraiser Shortage Complicates Home Sales

A shortage of real estate appraisers is delaying home purchases and sales in parts of the US. The number of appraisers—the…


Questions to Ask: When Shopping for a Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage has become a lot safer than it used to be thanks to consumer protections instituted after…

Credit & Debt

Attention Savers, Borrowers, Credit Card Users!

What to Do Now That Interest Rates Are So Low Just a few months ago, it seemed like a sure…

Credit & Debt

Home Equity Lines of Credit: The New Rules

Home-equity lines of credit, which became scarce as banks pulled back and consumers grew wary during the housing market bust,…


You Can Win the Refinancing Game: Strategies to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rate

With mortgage rates at record lows, this seems like a perfect time to refinance—except for the fact that many home…


Mortgage Rescue Plan

How you can benefit The president’s $75 billion plan to stem the tide of foreclosures is designed to provide more…