Mark Blumenthal, PhD

Mark Blumenthal, PhD, founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council, Austin, Texas, and editor of its publication, HerbalGram.

Pain Relief

Kratom: A Deadly Natural Painkiller

Kratom is promoted as a natural plant-based painkiller that can even help people get off opioids. But it can be deadly.

Pain Relief

New Comfrey Ointment May Relieve Back Pain and Arthritis Symptoms…Safely

Can modern science turn an ancient healing herb with potentially dangerous toxicity into a safe salve? That was the goal…


Top 5 Natural Inflammation Fighters

The best herbal remedies for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. More and more is being learned about the harmful effects…

Cardiovascular Disease

Pycnogenol: Natural Anti-Inflammatory Few Know About

Pycnogenol Helps Heart Health, Diabetes Control, Menopause Relief and More Growing abundantly in the South of France is the French…


Edible Flowers: How to Choose and Use Them

Flowers aren’t just beautiful to look at—many of them are delicious and nutritious! Why not add style, taste and nutrition…


Natural Anxiety Soothers

Foods and Supplements to Calm Anxiety If you have trouble sleeping well and frequently feel jittery and anxious, you may…