Michael Doyle, PhD

Michael Doyle, PhD, food microbiologist, Regents Professor of Food Microbiology, director, Center for Food Safety, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The University of Georgia, Griffin. He has served as an adviser to the United Nation’s World Health Organization.

Diet & Nutrition

Safety Alert: Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juices are all the rage in health circles these days. Juice is extracted by a hydraulic press that yields…

Diet & Nutrition

Don’t Fall for These Myths About Meat Safety

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How to Protect Yourself Against Deadly Listeriosis

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Fruits & Vegetables

Dangers at the Supermarket

Government Not Ensuring Safety of Imported Food Last year, in quick succession, serious health concerns arose with assorted Chinese imports…

Diet & Nutrition

Filth in Our Food

Fly Eggs, Maggots and More It isn’t every day that the president of a major food company asks Congress for…