Mitchell Yass

Dr. Mitchell Yass, DPT, is the creator of The Yass Method, which uniquely diagnoses and treats the cause of chronic pain through the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms. (Dr. Yass’s research and patient experience has found the conventional method of diagnosing through X-ray and MRI to be baseless and useless). In more than 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular, which cannot show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify these causes. If the cause of pain is identified as muscular, The Yass Method provides a targeted, custom-designed program to strengthen the appropriate muscles using progressive resistance. He has stopped thousands from getting unnecessary surgeries and resolved the pain of thousands of others who had surgery that did nothing to alter their pain. Dr. Yass is the author of three books, Overpower Pain: The Strength Training Program That Stops Pain Without Drugs or SurgeryThe Pain Cure Rx: The Yass Method for Resolving The Cause of Chronic Pain and his newest bookThe Yass Method for Pain-Free Movement: A Guide to Easing through Your Day without Aches and Pains. Additionally, Dr. Yass starred in the PBS special “The Pain Prescription.” 

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