Russel Kinnel

Russel Kinnel, director of manager research at Morningstar Inc., ­Chicago, which tracks 620,000 investment offerings.

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What to Do When Your Fund Manager Leaves

Ask these five questions before deciding whether to abandon the fund

Mutual Funds & ETFs

The 7 Best Funds for Volatile Times

Bottom Line asked five leading investment experts to choose the best mutual funds and exchange-traded funds for today’s extremely volatile market.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Cash-Heavy Stock Funds Provide Defense

Stock funds that are loading up on cash can provide defense in case the market retreats. Although their performance tends…

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Expect Big Tax on Fund Gains

With US stock indexes hitting record highs this year, investors in many mutual funds will be facing big tax bills.…

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Avoid the Fund Tax Trap

The six-year-old bull market is taking a big tax bite out of mutual fund investors. As fund managers sell off…

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The Fund Managers Who Can Make You Rich

Always study the person in charge when you are deciding whether to invest in a mutual fund. When I am…