Shauna Shapiro, PhD

Shauna Shapiro, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, author and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion. She is a professor at Santa Clara University and has published more than 150 papers and three critically acclaimed books, translated into 16 languages. Dr. Shapiro has presented her research to the King of Thailand, the Danish Government, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Summit, and the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as to Fortune 100 Companies including Google, Cisco Systems and LinkedIn. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Wired, USA Today, Dr. Oz, Huffington Pos, and American Psychologist. Shauna is a summa cum laude graduate of Duke University and a Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute, cofounded by the Dalai Lama. Her TEDx Talk, The Power of Mindfulness, has been viewed over a million times.


Negativity Can Be “Cured” Using the Science of Mindfulness to Live Happy—with Dr. Shauna Shapiro

Did you know that humans are preprogrammed to be negative? It was a survival tool…but not necessary today. Good news: Our brains can be rewired for happiness one small message a...