Susan Besser, MD

Susan Besser, MD, board-certified family physician, Mercy Personal Physicians, Baltimore.

Bone Health

Walking With Osteoporosis: Exercise to Help You Heal

Scared of high-impact exercise? Then make walking part of your strategy to rebuild bone and lower your risk for fracture.


Lower Your Risk for Diabetes with Walking

Here’s how to protect yourself from diabetes and its precursor, metabolic syndrome, with a dedicated walking program.


Walk Your Way Out of Depression

Looking for a drug-free answer to conquer depression? A daily walk can help as much as medication.


Walking: A Drug-Free Rx for Arthritis

Do you have arthritis and want to ease pain and fatigue? This no-cost prescription is the ticket.

Losing Weight

The Right Way to Walk for Weight Loss

Want to walk those pounds away? There’s more to it than most people think. Here’s how to successfully lose weight by walking.


Timing Is Everything: When to Walk to Treat Insomnia

When slumber eludes you, a walking program can get your sleep-wake cycle back in sync with the rest of the world.