Tamara Eberlein

Tamara Eberlein, editor of Daily Health News.

Packaged Foods

Smarter Food Labels Are On Their Way (Finally!)…But I’ve Still Got Some Gripes

Food labels are getting a makeover—and it's about time. Other than requiring manufacturers to start listing trans fats back in…

Sexual Wellness

I Love Menopause

"I hate menopause," a friend recently lamented. "I feel old, sweaty and unsexy." Not me! Though my hot flashes still…

Health Care Professionals

Talk to Your Doctor

My friend Carol, 70, hates wearing glasses. But when she asked her ophthalmologist about contact lenses, he scoffed, "You're too…


Why I Go Outside and Play

The other day, as I was about to leave home for a yoga class, it suddenly struck me as silly…

Playing Sports

Why I Love Karate

Four years ago, I signed up for a free karate lesson. Within the hour, I was hooked. Three weekly classes…