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Natural medicine cures even when conventional medicine fails. Naturopathic physician Andrew Rubman, ND, shares real stories about suffering patients…and his successful strategies for bringing them lasting relief and healing. Find more of his insights on his Bottom Line blog, Nature Doc’s Patient Diary. 


Stress-induced incontinence is a problem. Women are more likely to suffer from incontinence than men because of differences in their anatomy.


Dr. Andrew Rubman goes against the grain of common advice and suggests that while melatonin can be helpful, it should not be taken on a continuous basis.


Botanicals such as valerian, hops, and skullcap can help people get better sleep. Magnesium and calcium supplements also help improve sleep quality.


In addition to a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, people should also take multi B vitamins, calcium and magnesium supplements.

Brain Health

L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps the brain burn fat as fuel and boosts cell survival after a stroke. It increases oxygen circulation in the brain.

Diet & Nutrition

Gluten can provoke inflammation in the gut, and that can cause the body to store energy as fat. Cutting grains from your diet can lead to weight loss.


You can’t completely avoid environmental toxins. Learn how to detoxify your body naturally from three angles—inside the body, outside the body, and diet.


All cancer patients should have a naturopath on their team to ensure that they are getting the most comprehensive treatment possible.


Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone, immune and neurological problems. Simply spending time in the sun isn’t sufficient to maintain proper levels.

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