One of the most challenging things for children with aging parents is getting Mom or Dad to give up driving. In this video, Adriane Berg, founder of Generation Bold and author of Bottom Line’s Aging for Beginners blog, offers advice on how to bring up this difficult subject and determine what action should be taken. First, broach the subject carefully and focus on what can be done to keep the parent driving safely for as long as possible. Next, go for a ride with the aging driver and assess his/her ability and performance. A simple adjustment of the driver’s seat height may resolve several driving issues. Also, some new car technology can help with certain driver challenges and may extend the length of time a person is able to drive. Another option is to ask the aging driver to take a voluntary driver’s test and then evaluate his/her own results. If the aging driver stubbornly insists upon driving, consider asking him to give up his keys as a meaningful favor to you.

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