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Helpful information for you and your family about the coronavirus and ways that you can boost your immune system to defend against it…as well as stories about how the pandemic is affecting other parts of our lives. As new articles are available, they will be added to the top of the page. Please check back for regular updates.

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Auto Insurance

Drive Less Due to Pandemic, Pay Less on Insurance

With driving and accidents way down during the coronavirus pandemic, you could ask for a big break on your auto insurance premium.

Web & Social Media

7 Ways to Look Better on Video Calls

Video calls are a great way to keep you connected, but it’s easy to end up not looking your best. Here are five ways to look much better


Hands Off! How to Stop Touching Your Face

You know it’s bad for you, but why do you touch your face so much and, more important, how can you stop yourself? Here are the answers you need.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go—Virtually

Explore the world from the comfort and safety of your own home…


How to Live Harmoniously with an Adult Child Who Moves Back Home

Set rules about money, guests, personal space, and curfews when adult children move home.

Estate Planning

Prepare Your Finances for an Emergency Handoff

Confusion and costly mistakes can easily occur if you don’t plan ahead for someone to take over handling your finances in an emergency.


Improve Your Chances Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases with Simple Food Choices—Sarah Hiner Talks With Dr. William Li

Simple foods and drinks can vastly improve your chances against COVID-19 and other sicknesses. Dr. William Li, author of Eat to Beat Disease, shares his wisdom.


Overcoming Anxiety and Depression in a Corona-Quarantine World—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Beyond the sickness and economic devastation of the coronavirus pandemic is an array of collateral issues, including a significant rise in and risk for anxiety and depression.


What You Need to Know about Treatments and Testing for COVID-19—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Clearing up the confusion about treatments and tests that are available for COVID-19


Reduce Your Financial Stress with These Low-Volatility Investments

If you thought that you could handle a volatile stock market, this year’s market crash put that belief to the test.


How to Get the Best Rates Now on Mortgages and Other Loans: Coronavirus Fallout Pushes Down Borrowing Costs

Amid the extreme turbulence in financial markets and in people’s everyday lives, the plunge in interest rates that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic is providing some reli...


COVID-19: Your Questions About Quarantine and Isolation Answered

COVID-19 not only has been spreading around the globe, it’s also been taking over the media—and “infecting” most conversations these days!


How to Kill the New Coronavirus: When You’re Home…When You’re Out

Killing the new coronavirus is crucial to stop its spread. Hot spots to clean at home, the right cleaners…self-defense at the store, gas station, etc.


Coronavirus Update: Make Sure You Have Enough Medication on Hand

As the global effects of the new coronavirus are being felt, there are concerns that drug shortages may occur. Who is most at risk—and what to do…


What They’re Not Saying About Coronavirus—Sarah Hiner Talks with David Sherer

The fear and anxiety surrounding coronavirus are off the charts.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

7 Immune-Boosting Tricks to Stay Healthier

The greatest gift you can give yourself is health. Here are seven simple tricks to build your body’s defense system naturally…this season and always.

Personal Care

The Germiest Spots in Public Places

You’re not paranoid—germs really are out to get you. But not from the much publicized diseases...


Power Soup That Helps Boost Immunity

If there's ever been a time when you need a well-functioning immune system, it's now. And the first place to…


Getting Over a Cold or the Flu? Try This Get-Well-Quick Recovery Plan

If you’re getting over a cold or flu, there’s a lot you can do to get better faster—and help fortify yourself against life-threatening complications…


One-Minute Immune Booster: Your Daily Shower

Hot water, cold water, hot water. This simple routine, called “contrast bathing,” is invigorating and restorative. What it does: “Contrast…


10 Ways Technology Helps Your Relationship

In today’s hectic world, it can be extremely difficult to find time to connect with your partner.  Between jobs, kids,…

Common Threads

“Free”…the Most Dangerous Word in the English Language

Free things are not respected by the giver or the recipient. Bottom Line Inc's CEO Sarah Hiner warns us all to watch out for the hidden costs of “freedom."